Instax Square/Wide Adapter-Converter-Kit 200/210/300 Cameras


Looking to expand your creative possibilities with your Instax Wide camera?
Once installed, our Instax adapter allows you to use BOTH Square film AND Wide film in the same camera, giving you the flexibility to experiment with different formats and styles.

This simple and easy-to-install kit makes it a hassle-free way to switch between film types.

The installation process is reversible and non-destructive, so you can easily switch back and forth as you desire.
Simply install the kit and you can switch between film formats with ease.

This adapter kit is specifically designed for Instax Wide 200/210/300 cameras and includes an installation guide for easy setup.
All you'll need is a small screwdriver and you'll be on your way to capturing magical, instant moments in a variety of formats.

Compatible camera:
Instax Wide 200
Instax Wide 210
Instax Wide 300

A framing guide is included to assist you in properly framing your shots with square film in your wide camera.
Simply refer to the red lines on the sheet of paper to determine the correct composition based on the distance of your subject.
This handy guide makes it easy to get the perfect shot every time.

Whether you want to experiment with different compositions or just want the freedom to choose your film, this adapter is the perfect addition to your camera bag.

This adapter is crafted in France and includes free shipping worldwide.

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